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-Franconia Notch State Park-
Come get lost in nature in the Franconia Notch State Park. At the park there are tons of awesome and beautiful trails to hike on. The most popular is Flume Gorge, a hike to a roaring waterfall surrounded by vegetation. 


The park is home to tons of hikes and trials to travel on. One of the most popular is the Old man trail. At the end of the hike you can see the remains of a outcropping of rock on a cliff that forms the "old man".

Another beautiful hike in the park is the flume gorge hike. Walk on the wooden boardwalk, making it an easy hike as you walk between the giant slabs of granite covers in moss and shrubbery. The walk is directly over the river and at points over the waterfalls that adds the mist and unique experience. 

A popular outlook is artists bluff, a shorter trail with an end on a rocky bald ridge overlooking the valley. The hikes are framed with tall aspens and yellow Burch along with tons of thick green foliage.  

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pine trees
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ski lift


The most popular trial is the basin hike. The basin trail is a short hike, and completely worth it. It leads to a giant granite "pothole". Its a shallow whole full of beautiful turquoise water that flows into the pool. 

Aside from the hiking bike paths also a fun and popular attraction. All of the trials have different types of terrain. Some have wooden board walks, other paved trials, most a smooth trail of earth and a few with rocks and obstacle. Some of the hikes even have amazing wooded covered bridges. 

After all the hiking and trails stop at the gift shop and food court to find souvenirs and some tasty food. The park also has a ski lift to get you to some of the hikes and visitors center. The Franconia Notch State Park is rated as the best state park in all of New Hampshire. Come visit for the amazing scenery and much more at Franconia Notch State Park.